First up this is not a paid endorsement. The creator is a friend, and I wear the jocks, they’re great, they really are. Basically, they will make you hate your old underwear.

But they are also a little non-conformist and even silly looking, go have a look for yourself. So, it’s really easy to create your own fake ads, like this one:

Or this…

Or this one…

And so, in the same vein as the hotdog/not hotdog app from Silicon Valley, I want to build an Apt/not Apt app.

I will be using Machine Learning, trained on images of underwear, Apt and otherwise, to see if I can build an Apt/not Apt app.

Join me in the next post as I collect data, train a Machine Learning model, find an authoritative female voice for the alert, code it up, and test it!

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