I have 2 apps on the Apple App Store, Life Score, and stoic app.

When I submitted the apps I did not think of App Store optimisation was a necessary step at that stage, but that gives me the opportunity to tweak my content and see what resonates with my audience, with the added benefit of you learning as I do, dear reader.

stoic app

  • Read the stoic classics offline
  • Stoic reframing practice tool
  • Life countdown timer

Life Score

  • See how well you’re doing in one generic metric
  • Weighted decision matrix tool

When uploading to the App Store, make sure to spend some time on your featured images and blurbs. Make each section count, and even add video if you can. This sounds really obvious, right?!

Here are screenshots of both app’s App Store listings:

To be fair they are not that bad, but pretty generic in my opinion. What I do like about both is the consistent look and feel between slides with Life Score having a more lifestyle feel and stoic app feeling more… stoic.

Why is the App Store so tough?

Probably the most interesting/challenging thing I’ve noticed about the App Store is that it’s an almost an afterthought in the development process. If the App Store is the first contact most users will have with your app, and it’s the last thing that developers concern themselves with when developing an app, there’s a major mismatch when it comes to mental resource management. In short, that last 5% of the project feels like 10% because it was mentally budgeted as 2%.

From a psychological standpoint, how an interaction/relationship/movie/etc. ends plays a large role in how you view the thing as a whole. It’s then not a stretch to say that if you develop an app and have a really draining experience at the end of the project, you are less likely to maintain the project, or want to go through that again.

A solution would be to create App Store content throughout the development process. That way you can test what resonates most with your audience instead of going with the base-level requirements at the end of the project.

Next steps

I created the featured images using ShotBot, and although it’s a good start, I think having something more personalised can go a long way, especially if video content is thrown into the mix.

Besides media content, there is room for improvement. Did you read the blurbs to my apps? That’s OK, almost no one does, and even fewer click read more. This is an opportunity both for good SEO, and to get a grasp on what terms real people are actually searching for.

As well as maintaining these apps, I would like to add some premium, AKA paid, features in the future.

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