Dark Mode in SwiftUI

The app was pretty much complete and I was excited to show it off – but their phone was in Dark Mode and my app looked horrible! This is how to enable Dark Mode in SwiftUI. 🙂 Firstly, you need to be able to see what dark mode looks like on your app, so in […]

Negative Thought Cards (pt.3)

I’m not quite happy with the look and feel of the app just yet, but for this post let’s make the Random Card Button look similar to the card above it. I am aiming for a neomorphic design that is minimal, light, and still as easy to navigate as the old design but looks clean. […]

Customizing SwiftUI Toggle

On the Settings screen, of the Negative Thought Cards app, I thought it could be nice to have some of the app details be available if the user wants it. A simple toggle switch will do – toggle the switch on and it will show the user an extended version of the Settings screen. Toggle […]

Negative Thought Cards – fonts (pt.2)

What I like about app development is that it often feels more like a growth-mindset than a static one. It’s carpentry vs ceramics: measure twice, cut once vs fail fast, fail often. Ok, that’s really the chant of ceramicists but it probably ought to be. So far, I am still undecided about what to call […]