Each app is different and so you may have to jump through different hoops to get it on the iOS app store.

User Experience should especially extend to the App Store Submission staff!

I have a sneaking feeling that developers spend a lot of time developing their apps and unless they are a part of a team with a designer, or they can design themselves (which is a bit of a unicorn situation), they don’t think too much about app store submission beyond get ‘er done.

This is why when uploading my latest app – Apt Detector, I had to do it a few times.

The app is very simple – it uses Machine Learning to tell if a garment is by a specific brand or not. It uses the camera to do this.

The 2 issues that snagged me were both User Experience issues:

  1. Unclear permissions request for camera and image access – I did not consider the user enough, and
  2. Unless you have access to the really niche garment the app is designed to identify, you can’t really test it – I did not consider the app reviewer enough.

These were simple to fix (updating the info.plist, and having a video of the app working on a device) once I had the mindset shift to imagining I had never encountered my app before and had no idea what it was used for – how could I most simply explain it to a child because for all I know children could be using the app?

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